I:PROGRESS (2016-2018)

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I:PROGRESS was an IYF initiative supported by the Moroccan OCP Foundation. Aligning with the Moroccan Ministry of Education’s national strategy, I:PRO helped students in select communities in Morocco achieve better educational outcomes by improving the quality of teaching they receive, the school environments in which they learn, and the opportunities available to them and their families in the community. In addition to benefiting young people directly, I:PRO also worked to build the capacity of local NGO workers and teachers by increasing their pedagogical knowledge, preparing them to deliver life skills training to their students, and helping them offer more and better programs for local youth. Through the program, 80 teachers were trained and coached in the Passport to Success Program®, 30 Life Skills Clubs were created, and 40 new community action plans new designed. In this way, the impact of I:PRO is extending well beyond its 3-year duration.


  • 2016-2018



Funding Partners

  • Fondation OCP

Funding Partners