Partnering with the TK Foundation, the International Youth Foundation launched Jóvenes a Bordo, a three-year initiative designed to improve transitions from school to the workforce for upper secondary and technical education students in Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur. Employers in the rapidly-growing hospitality industry have positions to fill, but report a lack of candidates with the necessary language and work-relevant life skills. Using Passport to Success® (PTS) and an industry-specific functional English language curriculum to address this challenge, Jóvenes a Bordo equips Mexico's upper secondary institutions to deliver training in English language and life skills linked to strong work readiness. Participating school systems will offer PTS and English language instruction relevant to the hospitality sector, and Jóvenes a Bordo also will equip educators and school administrators with career placement tools. Local partner Bécalos has supported improved English language instruction by financing distance learning for participating teachers.