Jóvenes a Bordo (2018-2021)

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With the support of the TK Foundation, IYF implemented Jóvenes a Bordo, a three-year program that improved the school-to-work transition for over 65,238 young people enrolled in Mexico’s Upper Secondary Education System in the states of Baja California and Quintana Roo, surpassing the original goal of 60,500. By providing more dynamic and relevant education and skills development as well as more quality employability services for youth, the project ensured that students acquired the competencies employers seek in their new hires and had the tools they need to make a successful transition to formal quality work, with a focus on jobs in the hospitality industry. The program focused on three primary activities:

  1. Integrate IYF´s signature socio-emotional skills curriculum, Passport to Success® (PTS) into standard high school curriculum so that schools are equipped with tools to reduce the dropout rate and prepare students with critical skills most sought after by employers.
  2. Integrate 270 hours of functional English instruction into the standard high school curriculum to give graduates the ability to apply for high paying jobs in the tourism industry.
  3. Develop online database systems of upper secondary and technical school students in each state to connect employers to graduates, so employers can find job seekers trained in the skills they are seeking.

After the three-year period, IYF effectively incorporated and consolidated the three program interventions in the participating high school systems of CONALEP and COBACH. Jóvenes a Bordo benefited from the leadership, support, and leveraged resources from local stakeholders, which was key to achieve change and sustainability in the education system.


  • 2018–2021



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  • Hospitality

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Elizabeth Vance , Program Director , [email protected]

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