Partnering with the TK Foundation, IYF launched Jóvenes a Bordo, a three-year initiative that improved the school-to-work pipeline in two coastal states in Mexico, by enhancing the workforce readiness skills of over 59,000 young students enrolled in technical and public high schools in Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur. By providing more dynamic and relevant education, life skills development Using Passport to Success® (PTS), as well as more quality employability services for youth, the project ensured that students acquired the competencies employers seek in their new hires. In addition, the project provided enhanced tools needed to make a successful transition to formal, quality, and attractive jobs, especially in the hospitality industry. The project benefited from the leadership, support, and resources from local stakeholders, including leaders from educational institutions, government entities from the federal, state and local levels and the private sector, which was key to achieving change and sustainability in the education system. Local partner Bécalos has supported improved English language instruction by financing distance learning for participating teachers.