Jóvenes con Entrega (2018-2022)

Built on the success of the TalenTICs program, IYF launched in 2018 the Jóvenes con Entrega initiative, with support from FedEx, to prepare young men and women in Mexico with in-demand skills that help them start careers in the growing field of logistics, which offers promising earning potential. Working in partnership with CONALEP and COBACH, IYF has scaled up the model in Mexico City, expanding to the states of Quintana Roo and the State of Mexico.

Jóvenes con Entrega has successfully integrated logistics technical training, Passport to Success® life skills training, and job placement services into CONALEP´s and COBACH´s regular academic course offerings, reaching approximately 14,000 new students annually and continuing to prepare young people for quality jobs in the logistics sector long after the project ends.

In its recent phase, IYF will also promote increased diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the logistics labor market in Mexico City, Quintana Roo and the State of Mexico by transforming how public upper secondary education and training providers—CONALEP and COBACH—prepare marginalized young people for the labor market, while addressing three critical drivers of social exclusion: lack of social mobility, discrimination against indigenous youth, and gender inequity.

For more information, please see the Jóvenes con Entrega Program Summary.

Graduates from Jóvenes con Entrega program in México

Program Focus

  • Life Skills, Gender & Economic Opportunity


  • 2018–2022




  • Mexico City, Quintana Roo & State of Mexico

Professional Field

  • Logistics
  • Technical/vocational

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Funding Partners

  • FedEx


Andrea Padilla , Deputy Program Director, Mexico , [email protected]

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