Kefeta (2021-2026)

Kefeta is a 5-year, $6M USAID-a funded initiative that seeks to facilitate and strengthen systems and networks that serve youth in Ethiopia. 

Kefeta’s vision is, “Ethiopian youths who are game changers: empowered to advance their own economic, civic, and social development; resilient in the face of shocks; actively promoting development within their communities, and contributing to the country’s peace and prosperity

The project will serve a target of 2M youth across 18 Ethiopian cities, in building their agency and capacity for advocacy, linking them to economic opportunities, and improving their access to youth friendly services (YFS).  

The program seeks to build youth capacity by (1) investing in higher education alliances and youth hubs and  to build the educational foundation of youth 2) engaging  faith-based organizations  to  instill  values  through  service  learning, (3)  linking  the  private  sector  for  youth employment and entrepreneurship, and (4) extending  youth networks through south-to-south and global collaboration. The Kefeta program also seeks to create a culture of learning and sharing to improve evidence-based   programming   and   scalability, supported   by   technology, ensuring   alignment   and complementarity with the Government of Ethiopia’s and USAID’s youth strategies and priorities. 
The Kefeta program is managed by a consortium of 4 international partners, and 7 local partners and around 5 private organizations. IYF has received $6M for 5 years to serve as the technical lead for the economic opportunities component (IR2) and will also play a support role on the youth advocacy/agency (IR1), access to essential services (IR3), youth groups and networks (Foundational Result 1), and Youth Empowerment Fund (Foundational Result 2) components, to ensure integration of PYD approaches, youth voices, youth-specific tools and resources, and market-informed supply and demand-side interventions across the project. In line with USAID’s New Partnership Initiative, IYF will work closely with local implementing partners on all activities to help strengthen their capacity to take on increased leadership roles and responsibilities over the course of the project. 




  • 2021-2026



  • Ethiopia

Funding Partners



Belaynesh Engidawork , Director of Youth Development , [email protected]