The Laâyoune School Success Support Program (PARS)

The Laâyoune School Success Support Program (PARS) image

In southern Morocco, IYF’s PARS initiative improved student outcomes, teacher performance, and school environments at 36 Laâyoune-area public schools while also enlisting students as agents to reduce dropout rates. With support from the Phosboucraâ Foundation, IYF provided trainings in life skills and improved teacher pedagogy (the "PARS" method), assisted school directors to create school improvement plans, and guided students to understand and address the reasons for school delinquency, through the "Youth Speak" curriculum. IYF trained 80 teachers in improved pedagogy, guided 29 school directors to plan school improvement projects, enlisted 37 youth leaders to conduct a study and address school dropout rates, and equipped 81 teachers to reach 2,015 young people with life skills education.



Funding Partners

  • Fondation Phosboucraa

Funding Partners