Networking for the Future (2016-2018)

Networking for the Future (2016-2018)_Image

With partner JP Morgan Chase, the International Youth Foundation launched Networking for the Future, an initiative that provides young people—ages 18 to 21—in Mexico access to IT networking skills training. Utilizing Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) curricula, training is implemented through the campuses of CONALEP, a national technical high school, with participants selected from soon-to-graduate or recently graduated CONALEP students interested in continuing their IT educations. In addition to completing the CCNA-based course, students also benefit from an IYF-facilitated work readiness workshop that further equips them for transition into the job market. When young women and men complete Networking for the Future, they will be qualified for jobs with salaries that will, in many cases, double their current family incomes. Together with JP Morgan Chase, IYF is empowering young people in Mexico to unlock their economic agency.  

Program Focus

  • IT Industry Skills, Life Skills


  • 2016-2018



Professional Field

  • Technical/vocational
  • IT

Funding Partners

  • Becalos
  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • J.P.Morgan

Funding Partners