Syrian Refugee Employability Program (2017-2018)

Syrian Refugee Employability Program (2017-2018)_Image

Started in 2017, this initiative marks IYF's first time working to support refugees and aligns with our unwavering dedication to reaching underserved youth around the world. Through the Syrian Refugee Employability Program (SREP), we are working with local NGOs to develop best practices for aiding young refugees ages 18 to 29 in Istanbul to gain employment. Building local capacity to support these youth as they work to secure livelihoods is critical to this population and to Turkey. The initiative will include a labor market assessment to identify promising sectors and available jobs. Through workshops and day-to-day engagement, IYF is supporting local organizations in developing employability programs that respond to the needs of refugee youth and the private sector. SREP will culminate with the development of a toolkit of employability best practices for NGOs. We hope completing this work at such a critical time will enable future success for young refugee populations.


  • 2017-2018



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