YouthActionNet® has established a global network of national/regional youth leadership institutes. That network currently spans more than 20 youth-serving institutions. While a majority of local institutes are housed in university settings, others are managed by foundations and/or or nongovernmental organizations. Firmly rooted in the environment where they operate, YouthActionNet institutes offer a comprehensive Fellowship experience based on a common leadership development framework. Selected Fellows benefit from advanced training, mentoring, advocacy, funding, and networking opportunities.

YouthActionNet®’s first national program in Mexico was launched by the Universidad del Valle de México in 2006, with the generous support of the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation. This program served as a model for future national programs throughout the Laureate International Universities (LIU) network. Since then, the Foundation has sponsored national programs in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Spain, and Turkey through the LIU network, and is now sponsor of the Laureate Global Fellows program.

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