Zimbabwe:Works (2012-2018)

With a special focus on reaching young women, Zimbabwe:Works prepared the country’s marginalized young people to enter the workforce. Receiving initial funding from USAID and an additional commitment from DFID and the Embassy of Sweden (Sida), this initiative brought IYF into partnership with local NGOs and companies to provide critical job readiness training. We also helped entrepreneurs like Rudo, Clever, and Fortune succeed in self-employment through business coursework and access to microfinance loans and savings and loan programs. Through use of IYF's locally adapted Passport to Success® curriculum, Z:W empowered young Zimbabweans with life skills such as increased self-esteem, and it also promoted civic engagement. Throughout the initiative, which was a part of the global Youth:Work framework, IYF's capacity building work guided our local partners to develop the business acumen to succeed and operate sustainably. To learn more about the tremendous impact that this initiative had on the lives of marginalized youth check our Report.

Funding Partners