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Although the Our Future, Our Voices Summit has ended, recordings of the sessions are still accessible on IYF's YouTube channel.

The week of October 26-30, 2020, IYF will host Our Future, Our Voices, a virtual summit by, for, and with young people. Speakers will lead conversations about how to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable future, engaging other young leaders, aspiring change makers, and allies from the corporate, government, funder, and nonprofit sectors. Topics will convene along three tracks, which align with clusters of the Sustainable Development Goals—People, Planet, and Prosperity. There will be five different types of sessions: Catalyst Conversations, Storytelling, Strategy, Skillbuilding, and Networking.

See below for information on tracks and session types and the week's schedule, or jump directly to the day of your choice:

  • Monday, October 26, 2020: Education & Employability, Civics
  • Tuesday, October 27, 2020: Mental Health, Environmental Conservation
  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020: Social Inclusion, Enabling Environment
  • Thursday, October 29, 2020: Technology, Food Security
  • Friday, October 30, 2020: Additional Workshops, Networking, and Closing

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Three tracks, people: ensure that all human beings can fulfil their potential and live with dignity, equality, and health; planet: protect the plaent so it can support the needs of present and future generations; prosperity: build a prosperous, ethical, and sustainable economy that works for everyone.

Heading: Catalyst ConversationsThese 30-60 minute live sessions will host dynamic talks and discussions with a selection of Summit speakers, allowing us to dig deeper into crosscutting themes and issues and open a space for audience Q&A.

Heading: StorytellingThese 10-15-minute sessions focus on leaders telling their stories of social change, including their inspiration, how they are helping to solve a social problem, and their vision for the future.

Heading: StrategyThese 20-30-minute sessions focus on demonstrating or presenting how to—or how not to—create community change by diving into a specific model, tool, framework, or strategy for making an impact on a social problem.

Heading: SkillbuildingThese 45-minute interactive workshops focus on leading activities that will transfer a specific must-have skill to other young changemakers.

Heading:NetworkingNetworking sessions will run up to an hour and create space to connect with and learn from fellow Summit participants.

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Times listed are Eastern Daylight Time.

Heading: Day 1 Monday

Heading: Live Content

8 AM  |  Orientation

9 AM  |  Summit Opening

Get informed and inspired as Susan Reichle—IYF’s President & CEO—officially kicks off the week. A 30-year veteran of development work, Reichle situates the summit in a global context, previews the week to come, and explains why young people are the world’s best hope for building a fair, just, and equitable future. You’ll also hear from Jenny Robertson, Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Communications at FedEx. Robertson considers the importance of finding and living your purpose, explains how FedEx supports people, planet, and prosperity, and highlights the role young people must play in efforts to recover and rebuild. Last, but not least, you’ll meet the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)—a group of seven young people who helped bring the virtual summit to life. In a pre-recorded welcome video, they’ll discuss how to get the most out of your summit experience and share their perspectives on what it really means to be by, for, and with young people. Genarius Ernest, a YAC member from Tanzania, will be on hand with live remarks!

12 PM  |  Networking

3 PM  |  Catalyst Conversation

New-Normal Education: Democratizing Project-Based Learning for a Post-Pandemic World

Hamza Arsbi
Amarachi Emmanuela Azubuike
Leah Davidson

Since COVID-19, education has gone virtual—but what does this mean for project-based learning, a pedagogical approach that connects classroom learning to hands-on, real world experiences? In this session, young leaders discuss the challenges that must be overcome for project-based learning to be successful in a post-pandemic education space. We’ll explore how technology can be a democratizing force, ensuing that everyone—not just a privileged few—can benefit from the power of project-based and hands-on learning.

7 PM  |  Skillbuilding Workshops

  • Responsible Digital Citizenship: Creating Safe Online Spaces // Sonal Dhanani
  • Social Media Masterclass for Social Impact in a Changing World // Viona Leboo
  • Thriving During Uncertain Times: How to Manage Your Wellbeing and Create a Self-Care and Resiliency Toolkit // Cierra Garrow

Heading: On Demand Content

Heading: Storytelling

  • Female Youth Transition from TVET Learning to Work // Aisha Ramadhani Mbelwa, Happy Magai Nymwelo, Naumi Shekilindi
  • The Story of Canduit: Founding an Ed-Tech Venture to Close the College-to-Career Gap // Leah Davidson
  • From Guatemala to the World: Girl-Centered Remote Learning // Wendy Palax, Vilma Saloj
  • Being Different to Make a Difference // Arlindo Joaquim Matsinhe

Heading: Strategy

  • The Future of Skills in the Age of Job Automation // Alejandro Maza, David Timis
  • Project Based Learning: The Way Forward // Amarachi Emmanuela Azubuike
  • Inclusion Revolution: Designing Culturally Relevant Inclusive Education Solutions for the COVID-19 Context and Beyond // Melissa Diamond
  • Transforming Education: Making Girls Masters of Their Destiny & World // Ekemini Akpakpan
  • Cummins TEC: Technical Education for Communities // Mary T. Chandler
  • How We Can End Violence in a Generation // Frank Fredericks
  • Youth-State Relations: Trust & Engagement // Joel Adriance, Francisco Polo, Nafula Wafula

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Heading: Day 2, Tuesday

Live content

8 AM  |  Catalyst Conversation

Smashing the Silence: Real Talk About Mental Health and Suicide

Kate-Lynn Brown
Lee Crockford (moderator)
Raashi Thakran

Everyone faces mental health challenges in their daily lives—stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of being overwhelmed—but too often we don’t talk about it or know how to talk about it. From the creation of safe spaces, to the dismantling of unhealthy taboos, to redefining masculinity, this session focuses on different approaches for helping young people achieve positive mental health outcomes. Join three young changemakers for straight talk about this critical issue.

11 AM  |  Skillbuilding Workshops

  • Public Narrative: A Leadership Practice for Movement-Building // Anika Manzoor
  • Describe It! How to Make Visual Content Accessible for All // Milagros Costabel

4 PM  |  Catalyst Conversation

Generation Now: Young People Living Their Values to Save Our Planet

Kerstin Forsberg (moderator)
Arushi Nath
Isha Patel

Around the world, young people are taking action to address the issues that matter most—including environmental conservation and protection. During this session, you’ll meet a young social entrepreneur and two extraordinary teen advocates who aren’t waiting for members of an older generation to clean up the planet. Using technology, community engagement, and good-old-fashion hard work, they’re spearheading the effort themselves. Join them for information, instruction, and an inspiring conversation.

8 PM  |  Networking

Heading: On-demand content

Heading: Storytelling sessions

  • Mental Health @ the Library: Improving Positive Outcomes for Teens Through Programming // Kate-Lynn Brown
  • When We Come Together, Mental Illness Becomes Mental Wellness // Nanjala Were
  • A Simple Yet Life-saving Message—Suicide is Preventable // Raashi Thakran
  • The Power of Youth in Marine Conservation // Kerstin Forsberg
  • How is NASA Data Helping School Kids in Canada Fight Climate Change? // Arushi Nath
  • Trash to Treasure: A Teenager’s Guide to Tackling Plastic Pollution // Isha Patel
  • The Key Ingredients to a Smart and Sustainable City // Tony Luo

Heading: Strategy sessions

  • How High School Students Successfully Influenced Mental Health Policy for Peers // Ta’Mya Davis, Jazzlynn Temple

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Heading: Day 3, Wednesday

Heading: Live content

9 AM  |  Skillbuilding Workshops

  • Think Like a Data Scientist: Solving Societal Problems Using Data Science and AI // Dotun Opasina
  • Building Evidence and Learning for Innovative Change Through a Learning Agenda // Nina Minadakis, Eliflorida Mushi, Rita da Silva
  • How to Tell Better Stories Using Data // Oyebowale Odutola

12 PM  |  Catalyst Conversation

Everyone's Welcome: Learning from Youth-Led Movements

Christen Brandt (Moderator)
Melissa Diamond
Nandini Tanya Lallmon
Anuli Ononye

By and large, young people want to create a world that is just, fair, and inclusive—where everyone is afforded the same rights, opportunities, and respect. This sounds straight forward, but what does inclusion really mean? What obstacles stand in the way of an inclusive society, what role does technology play in fueling the movement, and how can you get involved? In this session, three experienced inclusion revolutionaries share stories, knowledge, and recommendations from their work in gender equity, LGBTQ rights, and support for people with disabilities.

3 PM  |  Catalyst Conversation

Flipping the Paradigm: A Challenge for Investors and Funders

George Gachara
Deepa Gupta
Yvonna Stevens

No one ever said changing the world is easy—after all, the status quo is a powerful force. That fact doesn’t stop young people, and youth-led organizations, who at this very moment are working to build a better world for us all. What are the challenges they face in a top-down development paradigm? How can investors ensure their investment strategies are aligned with the real intentions and needs of grassroots organizations and youth culture? How can philanthropists flip the existing funding paradigms and approaches? Speaking from experience, two social entrepreneurs discuss how smart, bottom-up approach to philanthropy and investment can help changemakers achieve a lasting impact.

7 PM  |  Networking

Heading: On demand content

Heading: Storytelling sessions

  • Advocating for Undocumented Children to Build an Inclusive Tomorrow // Takalanga Maziya
  • Strengthening Youth-Led Organizations // Maia Ramarosandratana
  • What Did Earthquake Response Teach Me in Crisis Management Efforts? // Aban Gautam

Heading: strategy sessions

  • Reaching the Last Mile: Supporting the Most Vulnerable // Gitanjali Babbar, Ashok Regmi, Luke Rodgers
  • From COVID-19 Response to the Start of a Disability Movement in Brazil: A Step-by-Step Guide on Achieving Results // Luiz Hamilton Ribas, Mariana Barth Tucunduva Pasin Sedoski
  • Integrating Voices to Assess Your Impact // Christen Brandt, Kate Kiama
  • Digital Activism: Hashtags for Voice, Visibility and Visions of Legal Equality // Tushar Kanti Baidya, Nandini Tanya Lallmon, Nafesha Richardson
  • The Future City Story: New Normal, New Measures // Kwok Ka Ming Andre, Tse Pui Kei Peggy, Yu Ho Wing Lawrence

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Heading: Day 4 Thursday

Heading: live content

8 AM  |  Networking

11 AM  |  Catalyst Conversation

New Frontiers: Harnessing Technology for Impact and Inclusion

Dale Chrystie
Tiffany Tong
Sheerin Vesin (moderator)

Mind-boggling advances in technology—like artificial intelligence and block chain—could play an integral part in creating a more equitable, collaborative, and inclusive world. However, there’s also the danger of “exponential exclusion”—a scenario in which technology expands the myriad gaps that divide us. That’s why it’s important to interrogate the role and use of technology in the world. In this session, panelists will discuss the fundamentals of blockchain and the role of peer-to-peer technology in increasing collaboration. They’ll lead a conversation about how the new technologies will push industries to find common grounds and at the same time how we need to ensure that technology contributes to building an equitable, balanced, and inclusive world.

4 PM  |  Skillbuilding Workshops

  • Should You Really Start a New Organization to Create Change? // Çlirim Sheremeti
  • How to Plan More Inclusive and Accessible Events // Marine Coeurdassier
  • Your Optimal Guide to Sustaining a Meaningful Partnership // Saad Uakkas

8 PM  |  Catalyst Conversation

Survival 101: The Future of Global Food Security is Under Threat—Here’s What We Need to Do

Cherrie Atilano
CiCi Flanagan (Moderator)
Mikayla Sullivan

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the interconnectedness and fragility of the world’s systems—including the food system. As markets close, crops go unharvested, farmers struggle to earn a living, and families struggle to put food on the table, we must wonder what lasting impact this pandemic will have on global food security? As current farmers eventually age out of work, will a new generation take on the critical job of feeding the world—and, if not, what does that mean for the rest of us 10, 20, or 50 years from now? In this panel, two social entrepreneurs working in the food security space will dig into this alarming issue, offering insight into how we can minimize food loss and food waste, engage young people in farming, and build self-sustainable communities.

Heading: on demand content

Heading storytelling sessions

  • How Artificial Intelligence Helps to Empower Youth // Stella Chen
  • The Future of Food Security // Cherrie Atilano
  • A Community Approach to Improving Food Security: Lessons Learned in Rural Communities // Mikayla Sullivan

Heading: strategy sessions

  • Blockchain for Social Impact // Dale Chrystie
  • From Exponential Exclusion to Inclusion // Tiffany Tong

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Heading: Day 5 Friday

Heading: live content

9 AM  |  Skillbuilding Workshops

  • Social Media Masterclass for Social Impact in a Changing World (repeat) // Viona Leboo
  • Public Narrative: A Leadership Practice for Movement-Building (repeat) // Anika Manzoor
  • Your Optimal Guide to Sustaining a Meaningful Partnership (repeat) // Saad Uakkas
  • Thriving During Uncertain Times: How to Manage Your Wellbeing and Create a Self-Care and Resiliency Toolkit (repeat) // Cierra Garrow

12 PM  |  Summit Closing

3 PM  |  Networking


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IYF strives to be a platform for young people to express their own ideas and opinions. While the opinions voiced by the presenters do not necessarily reflect the positions of IYF and its partners, we stand by, for, and with young people as they exercise their agency, live their rights, and raise their voices.


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