Haiti PTS Consultant


Brenda Maldonado, Award Manager




IYF stands by, for, and with young people. Founded in 1990 through a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, IYF is a global nonprofit with programs directly benefiting 7.7 million young people and operations spanning 100 countries so far. Together with local community-based organizations and a network of corporate, foundation, and multilateral partners, we connect young people with opportunities to transform their lives. We believe that education, employed, engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems, and we focus our youth development efforts on three linked objectives: unlocking agency, driving economic opportunity, and making systems more inclusive. Our vision is to see young people inspired and equipped to realize the future they want. IYF: Transforming Lives, Together.


IYF seeks a consultant or firm to continue the implementation of PTS in Haiti.


The ideal candidate will have demonstrated technical expertise and obtain licensure in the implementation of PTS along with prior experience in the ToT (Training of Trainers) process. The ideal consultant would also be knowledgeable in life skills training in the realm of youth development. For this project specifically, proficiency in the French language is required.

Other Preferred Qualifications:

  • PTS certification; trainer or coach.
  • Successfully completed a Training of Master Trainers verified by a certified senior trainer.
  • Have implemented 2 cycles of PTS with the beneficiaries or have supervised at least 4 trainer-PTS candidates for at least 16 hours of coaching.
  • Have co-facilitated at least one remote-ToT under the observation of a Master Trainer.
  • Received at least 8 hours of coaching from a Master or a certified senior trainer (during observation of a ToT).
  • Obtained a minimum score of 80% (4 out of 5) on the trainer assessment tool.
  •  Experience with video conference calling, screen shares (eg. Zoom)
  • Experience in proposal support specifically for francophone countries would be desirable.


  • Facilitate training workshops for new trainers and coaches or an update training for existing trainers and coaches.
  • Virtual and/or in-person coaching for trainers and coaches, including in-class observations and co-training sessions, if required.
  • Carry out training activities for trainers.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the ToTs depending on the circumstances and location, remaining true to the general spirit of the PTS.
  • Evaluate trainers and/or coaches with a view to their certification.
  • Manage the training system in a country/region in coordination with the implementing organization/partner of IYF.
  • Programmatic tasks such as the elaboration of donor progress reports, communication with implementing partners and stakeholders.


  1. Project Kick-off – IYF will start the mission with a virtual kick-off meeting with the main FAES stakeholders, operators, training providers and IYF.
  2. Issuance of PTS Licenses (if necessary).
  3. “Welcome to PTS” workshop.
  4. Implementation Planning – a meeting with operators, training providers and FAES to finalize youth training implementation plans, including number and profile of youth to be trained, date of completion, start and end of training and authorizations that training operators and providers may need.
  5. Selection of PTS lessons.
  6. Planning of Training of Trainers (ToTs).
  7.  Preparation of the PTS material and study program.
  8. Training of Trainers (ToTs)
  9. Coaching plan for coaches.
  10. Monitoring and Evaluation Planning.
  11. Coaching of trainers and certification.
  12. Virtual coaching.
  13. Final Report on coaching.
  14. Final Report.


December 10, 2021


Please submit the following documents in English or French via email to with " Haiti PTS Consultant" in the subject line:

  • Resume/CV 

*Please note that this position is contingent upon the availability of funds.