Listen Up! A Youth-Led Exploration of Livelihoods in Tanzania

On 12 November 2019, over one hundred people convened in Dodoma for a one-day, youth-led exploration of livelihoods in Tanzania called Listen Up! The culmination of the Kiongozi Fellowship under the Youth Lead program, the day’s agenda was led by the nine Kiongozi Fellows, showcasing a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and skill sets and modeling the principles of positive youth development (PYD) by engaging the Fellows as partners in the design and execution of the event.

Participants represented a broad range of stakeholders, including international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), disabled people’s organizations (DPOs), educational institutions, government, private sector, and young people from a variety of backgrounds. Remote audiences were also engaged via social media.

This document catalogs key reflections and takeaways from the event.