Making Your Digitally-Facilitated Skills Training More Accessible

The Advancing Economic Mobility with Skills (AEMS) Project, with support from Microsoft Philanthropies in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, seeks to lower barriers for youth-serving organizations to launch engaging, impactful, inclusive and targeted online skills training programs world-wide. This brief introduces practical strategies to make learning more accessible to young people with disabilities by making changes to training material and delivery approaches.

This AEMS brief is the second in a series of six resources. The other five can be found linked below.

Brief No. 1: Developing Engaging Digitally-Facilitated Skills Trainings
Brief No. 3: Selecting the Right Learning Management System for Your Youth-serving Organization
Brief No. 4: Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in Your Digitally-Facilitated Skills Training
Resource 5: Overview of Leading Learning Management Systems
Resource 6: Available Curricula and Learning Material Library for Skill Building