Scaling Partnerships and Private Sector Engagement at USAID: Recommendations for the Biden Administration

"The world that the Biden administration is inheriting has changed drastically in the last 12 months. With shifting geopolitical dynamics, a global pandemic, and economic crisis, the administration must ensure that six decades of development progress are not lost. These dramatic circumstances also create opportunities to challenge outdated paradigms about how development gets done."

In this paper, Susan Reichle (President & CEO, IYF) and Steve Schmida (Founder, Resonance) provide practical, concrete recommendations for how the Biden administration can engage the private sector to fight COVID, mitigate the climate crisis, and address other pressing development issues. 

According to Reichle and Schmida, "If the Biden administration can harness the combined strengths of the US government (USG) and the private sector at scale, it can drive transformational change."