Transformation 2030

At the start of 2020, IYF took a critical look at the landscape for the world's young people and how our partnerships could best support them in fulfilling their potential. Armed with 30 years of experience and a successful track record, we proudly launched our new strategic plan, Transformation 2030 (PDF). It is built on three interconnected strategic objectives that reflect the real, enduring needs of young people and their communities: youth agency, economic opportunity, and systems change.

Then, when COVID-19 hit with global force, the world changed around us. The pandemic and ensuing economic fallout and social disruption have shaken communities and our shared future. In the face of uncertainty, we at IYF know that transformative change requires collaboration and putting youth at the center. Find out how we are doing that by reading our full COVID-19 response (PDF), which describes how our strategic objectives are more necessary than ever and how IYF is adapting to meeting young people where they are, for the benefit of everyone.