Our COVID-19 Response

The future is always uncertain, but the COVID-19 pandemic has given this truism a sharp, sobering clarity. The crisis also offers a vital lesson: transformative change requires a concerted effort, with young people at the center.

At IYF, we've been amazed and inspired by stories of young people courageously driving change in the face of COVID-19, and we’re elevating their achievements across our channels. We've moved life skills and other trainings online without sacrificing personalized feedback and coaching. And we're providing a host of free virtual learning tools to young people, employers, educators, and funders throughout our global stakeholder network. Connecting young people with opportunities to transform their lives—IYF's mission for 30 years—is now more critical than ever. Indeed, in this challenging new age, the three strategic objectives underpinning our Transformation 2025 strategy have taken on even greater urgency:

  • Youth Agency: Helping young people unlock their highest potential matters now more than ever. We're committed to supporting young leaders, like Tal manufacturing KN95 masks, because investment in their desire and ability to make decisions and drive change is foundational to crisis response and post-pandemic recovery.
  • Economic Opportunity: Providing access to education, training, and guidance has never been so critical. IYF is leaning into our commitment of providing pathways to earning and learning for young people like Darius and Vianey—and ensuring that opportunity gaps don’t widen.
  • Systems Change: Transforming lives by transforming systems to be youth-responsive is essential to recovery and rebuilding. In the face of systems that have been stressed and broken by the pandemic, we are pushing harder than ever to re-build them through direct engagement with education, government, civil society, and young social changemakers like Binayak.

Discover our full strategy and COVID-19 response

  • Global Youth Resiliency Fund

    We are channeling donations into a fund to support youth-led ventures around the world that are working hard—often with dwindling or non-existent financial support— to meet the pressing needs of their communities. As we face down this global pandemic together, these grassroots initiatives are vital for closing health gaps, unlocking pathways to livelihoods, ensuring access to education and reliable information, and protecting human rights.

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  • Virtual Summit

    This October, IYF will host From Crisis to Resilience: Youth Reshaping Society. Our virtual summit will offer a stage for innovative young changemakers to lead discussions with a broad, multi-sector audience about the world they want to create. Facing COVID-19, the global community needs the unmatched agility, innovation, and optimism of young people. The youth-led sessions will align with the SDGs and follow three tracks: people, planet, and prosperity.

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Our Strategy

  • Youth Agency

    We help young people unlock their highest potential.

  • Economic Opportunity

    We spark access to a brighter future.

  • Systems Change

    We are transforming lives by transforming systems.

Passport to Success® Traveler

Our free, game-based life skills course is an engaging way for young people not currently in the classroom or on the job to build essential work readiness skills. Learn how to problem-solve, feel more confident, and manage your time while traveling virtually around the world.

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