Partner with IYF

IYF has 30 years of experience partnering with organizations of every size, in diverse sectors, and from all parts of the globe.

As trusted subject matter experts who’ve worked in over 100 countries, we understand how to best support our partners in reaching their own strategic goals. Whether it’s employee engagement or systems change, we offer solutions tailored to the reality on the ground and our partner’s needs.

Corporate partners: Partnering with IYF helps companies in any sector—including hospitality, retail, IT, and mechanical and industrial trades—to meet business and social goals.

Educational institutions: Our curricula and training help instructors engage students in new, refreshing, and effective ways.

Youth organizations: Building on their desire to support local youth, we offer expertise and best practices that build organizations’ capacity to serve youth sustainably.

If you're interested in partnering, we invite you to contact us using the form below.