Former Board Members

Hon. Par Stenback—Finland (1990-1996)
Former Minister of Education and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Finland; Former Secretary General, Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Inonge Mutumbaetwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, PhD—Zambia (1991- 2001)
Former Zambian Ambassador to the European Union and the United States

Luisa Mendoza de Pulido— Venezuela (1991-1993)
Founding Executive Member, Federation of Private Foundations

Shoichi Saba—Japan (1991-1996)
Former Chairman and CEO, Toshiba Corporation

Hon. Rita Sussmuth, PhD—Germany (1991-2000)
Former President and Member, German Bundestag

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II—Philippines (1994-2003)
President and CEO, Ayala Corporation

Maria Livanos Cattaui—Switzerland (1994-2010)
Former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce

Arnold Langbo—Canada (1995-2005)
Former Chairman and CEO, Kellogg Company

David Bell—United Kingdom (1996-2011)
Former Chairman, Financial Times Group; Chairman, Pearson Inc.

Yuzaburo Mogi—Japan (1996-2000)
President and CEO, Kikkoman Corporation

Sten A. Akestam—Sweden (1998-2004)
Former President, Lions Club International

Sari Baldauf—Finland (2000-2009)
Former Executive Vice President, Nokia; Board Member, Hewlett Packard and Daimler Corporation

Helio Mattar—Brazil (2001-2011)
President, Akatu Institute for Conscious Consumption in São Paulo

Penina Mlama—Tanzania (2002-2010)
Former Executive Director, Campaign for Female Education (Camfed); Former Executive Director, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

Rick R. Little—United States (2003-2017)
Founder and President, ImagineNations Group; Founder, International Youth Foundation

Adam Smith—Australia (2005-2008)
General Manager, Education and Corporate Affairs, Laureate, Australia

Benita Singh—United States (2006-2009)
Co-Founder, Mercado Global

Helen Ostrowski—United States (2008-2012)
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Porter Novelli

Bernise Ang—Singapore (2009-2012)
Founder, Syinc

Bill Conn—Australia (2009-2012)
Former Chairman, Foundation for Young Australians

Henrietta Holsman Fore—United States (2010-2012)
Executive Director, UNICEF

Raghda El-Ebrashi—Egypt (2010-2013)
Founder and Chairperson, Alashanek ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development (AYB-SD)

Veli Sundbäck—Finland (2009-2013)
Former Executive Vice President Corporate Relations and Responsibility, Nokia

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah—Jordan (2001-2014)

Enrique Iglesias—Spain-Uruguay (2006-2014)
President, Fundación Astur; Former President, International Development Bank (IDB)

Naadiya Moosajee—South Africa (2012-2014)
Co-Founder, South African Women in Engineering (SAWomEng)

John Studzinski—United States (2012-2015)
Senior Managing Director, The Blackstone Group

Evelyn Berg Ioschpe—Brazil (2012-2017)
President, Iochpe Foundation

Dina Buchbinder—Mexico (2013-2015)
Founder, Deport-es para Compartir

Khalida Brohi—Pakistan (2015-2017)
Founder & Executive Director, Sughar

Peggy Ochola—Kenya (2016-2018)
Founder, Promoting Access to Community Education

Christopher J. Nassetta—United States (2012-2018)
President and CEO, Hilton Worldwide

William S. Reese—United States (2005-2018)
CEO, International Youth Foundation

Olivier Fleurot—France (2009-2019)
Former Senior Vice President, Publicis Groupe

Connie Wong—United States (2009-2019)
Founder & CEO, Vidiator Technology

Peter Woicke—United States (2006-2007, 2012-2020)
Former CEO, International Finance Corporation

Sheldon Smith—United States (2018-2020)
Founder & Executive Director, The Dovetail Project

Dissa Syakina Ahdanisa—Indonesia (2020-2022)
Founder, Fingertalk Enterprise

Heather Higginbottom—United States (2020-2022)
President, JPMorgan Chase PolicyCenter

Faith Nafula Wafula—Kenya (2020-2022)
Programs Director, Brydges Centre

Anushka Gupta—India (2021-2022)
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Apex