Andres Baron

  • Program Manager, COLOMBIA
  • Colombia

Andres Baron joined IYF as a Program Manager with a specific focus on the Google Program: IT Support Professional Certificate, which works to provide scholarships, instructional support, and wraparound support to young people in Colombia and Venezuelan migrant women in Panama. He has over ten years of experience in international cooperation institutions, multilateral agencies of international aid, the non-profit sector, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies at the national and local level. During his career, he has played roles related to international development, youth, women, human rights practice, capacity building, international education-employment, public policy, fundraising, and public-private and multi-agency partnerships and cooperation. Andres holds two bachelor's degrees (one in international relations and political science, the other in international education), a postgraduate degree (PGDip) in social development planning, management and control, a postgraduate degree (PGDip) in public policy analysis, and a master's degree (MSc) in population and development/international development from the London School of Economics and Political Science-LSE. He is also a candidate for a master's degree in human rights practice from the University of Arizona. 

Facts About Andres Baron
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
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