Ivelina Benitez

  • Director, US Workforce Development, UNITED STATES
  • United States

Ivelina Benitez is the US Workforce Development Director and leads the Youth Opportunity Program. She has dedicated over 15 years to youth development and workforce programs at various organizations. Prior to joining IYF, she served as Deputy Director at the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project, where she focused on improving internal systems and maximizing service delivery to children and families, in light of the pandemic. She also served as Deputy Director at the Latin American Youth Center Department of Education and Workforce, where she successfully administered various grant funded programs and amplified youth engagement and outcomes. In addition, Ivelina worked for District of Columbia Public Schools as an educator and coordinator for five years. Prior to teaching, Ivelina worked at various law firms and at the Public Defender Service for DC, focusing on labor and employment, family, transactions and criminal defense matters. Based on her personal experience in family law matters, she became a certified mediator to expand her conflict resolution skills and engage in family mediation. Ivelina earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barry University, holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center, and also attended the American University Key Leadership Institute.


Facts About Ivelina Benitez
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Country of birth United States
  • Hobbies: Tennis, Traveling, Dancing, Playing Cards/Dominoes