Reuse and Improve: Unboxing the Principles for Digital Development

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Snapshots of young people--three smiling, one pointing at you, one speaking into a bullhorn

Earlier this month, IYF launched its first video from a new series of nine videos meant to educate IYF staff, as well as others, about the Principles for Digital Development. Today, we are dropping the second video in our biweekly series. This time, we're covering the series topic of “Reuse and Improve.” 

IYF often serves young people by unlocking the potential of other youth-serving organizations in the countries where we work. These partner organizations, whether they are NGOs or school systems, are experts in their communities, so we enable them whenever we can. As we reflect on that and this week’s topic of “Reuse and Improve,” we are pumped to share this next video. It is an example of how the IYF team creates resources that can be reused and improved by our partners as they build their own capacity. As we discuss the Principles with partners, we now have a jumping-off point and video resources that they can adapt. 

For this video series, we experimented with different video styles, and the fan favorite is our take on the phenomenon of "unboxing and product review" videos. This video content style is particularly important for young people as more and more shopping takes place online. While consumers lose the tactile experience of vetting products in person, they gain a rich ecosystem of online product reviews and a new category of entertainment. Following broader trends of the internet, this began with text-based reviews before burgeoning in popularity with video content. We are spoofing and honoring the style to highlight the trend, and, well, we think it’s just plain entertaining. 

Please enjoy this week’s IYF's DIY Principles of Digital Development video series. We sure enjoyed making it. 

Reuse & Improve 


In the following weeks, be on the lookout for other videos in the series which will introduce and explore the other Principles:  

  • Design with the User 
  • Understand the Existing Ecosystem
  • Design for Scale 
  • Build for Sustainability 
  • Be Data Driven 
  • Be Collaborative 
  • Address Privacy & Security 
  • Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation 

Learn more about IYF's approach to Digital Development and why it's an increasingly important part of our work around the globe.