Where We Work: Saudi Arabia

Partnerships are central to IYF’s model and mission, and in Saudi Arabia we brought together the Saudi Youth@Work Alliance to maximize our impact for young men and women here.

With the King Khalid Foundation’s experience as a supporter of innovative social development programs in the country, combined with our global and regional expertise, we offered education for employability. Our alliance expanded to include public sector organizations and private sector companies such as Hilton Worldwide, who plan to hire 10,000 qualified personnel here. Together, using our Passport to Success® life skills curriculum, we provided locally adapted training to meet youth needs and employer goals. Most recently, we partnered with JPMorgan Chase Foundation to reach young women like Nourh in Riyadh and support them in building new skills and securing jobs in the retail or medical service sectors. Saudi Arabia is the highest ranked Middle East country among the 30 countries included our inaugural Global Youth Wellbeing Index.