Green Generation MX


The Green Generation MX program has the potential to act as a catalyst for Mexico's energy transition by responding to the urgent need to revamp training and education initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Generously funded by the TK Foundation, this initiative spans 18 months and aims to create, test, and evaluate curricula for the establishment of fundamental critical skills essential for Mexico's energy transition. The program aims to equip young individuals with the skills necessary for well-paying jobs in areas such as data science and energy efficiency, which are crucial in the clean energy industry.

Key goals

  • Include creating and testing two innovative curricula at different educational levels: upper secondary and higher education, to teach essential skills for the energy transition.
  • Enhance participants' readiness for a successful transition into the job market, especially in the manufacturing sector, and ensure they obtain formal employment with benefits.
  • Expand and replicate curricula that demonstrate efficiency, aiming for a lasting and sustainable impact.

Finales GGMX IYF

Introduction to Data Science

GG Conalep NLThe "Introduction to Data Science" curriculum, a joint effort between IYF and the Centro de Inteligencia Artificial (IA Center) of the State of Chihuahua, aims to reach 5th and 6th-semester high school students in upper secondary education.

This curriculum integrates the Mexican public education system's upper-secondary level learning objectives on probability and statistics with data science and its application in modern technologies.

The educational methodology centers on project-based and game-based learning which allows for a comprehensive assessment of each student's progress.

Upon completion of the course, graduates acquire and refine robust data science skills and competencies:

  • Conduct descriptive statistical analyses of data related to their lifestyle and personal context, identifying data patterns and trends.
  • Apply probability methods to analyze data for decision-making across various scenarios.
  • Design and create graphical visualizations that simplify data analysis and presentation for effective communication.
  • Organize and systematize data in databases to construct indicator dashboards.

In partnership with CONALEP Nuevo Leon, the IA Center provided direct training to six educators on the Introduction to Data Science curriculum. Through a 40-hour program, these educators gained the knowledge and tools necessary to teach the game-based methodology and apply data science techniques in their classrooms.

From March to June 2023, the pilot program was implemented with a group of 154 sixth-semester students from institutions such as Don Benjamín Salinas Westrup, Ing. Gustavo M. de la Garza Ortega, Joel Rocha Barocio, and others.

Upon completing the program, over 88% of students expressed satisfaction with their experience, while 89% reported that they are considering new career paths after finishing the course. Impressively, 64% of students are pursuing careers directly related to the topics covered during the program. Notably, 59% of participants believe that this course will significantly aid them in pursuing their desired careers.

GG - Data Science program 2023 IYF

Energy Efficiency

This program is the culmination of a comprehensive assessment of competencies within the Mexican educational system, aiming to equip students with the essential skills to tackle the energy challenges faced by the industry in Mexico.

Mexico's Industrial Sector stands as the second-largest energy consumer, making it imperative for the sector to embrace technologies and innovations that facilitate the energy transition. Most importantly, it requires a workforce of young professionals capable of meeting these challenges. To address this need, IYF in collaboration with the Asociación Mexicana de Empresas de Eficiencia Energética (AMENEER), has developed a new and unique curriculum that integrates four strategic performance areas: the culture of energy efficiency, the application of ISO 50001 standards, measurement and verification, and the integration and evaluation of energy efficiency projects.

The program's primary objective is to equip students with the ability to integrate planning and/or management strategies for electrical and thermal systems. This is achieved through the application of concepts, principles, and energy management technologies to generate savings and optimize energy performance.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: 

  • Grasp the fundamental concepts and principles of Energy Efficiency.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with energy management systems.
  • Develop strategies to reduce energy consumption.
  • Identify and apply energy performance indicators (IDEN).
  • Recognize the fundamental structure of project formulation and evaluation.

With the Universidad Tecnologica Paso del Norte (UTPN) as a partner, 172 students received the energy efficiency curriculum from eight teachers trained by IYF between May and September 2023. The program received positive feedback from students, who particularly appreciated the specially designed activities that complemented the curriculum, such as carbon footprint calculation, analysis of electricity bills, and base consumption calculation. Students also valued the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of energy efficiency alongside their respective majors. Both teachers and students reported that the curriculum activities not only reinforced knowledge but also strengthened soft skills such as teamwork and assertive communication.

The pilot program's success is evident in the positive feedback from participants. After completing 100 hours of instruction, 96% of students were satisfied with the course, and 86% believe they are better prepared to enter the job market. Moreover, 76% of our students are convinced that they now have a greater capacity to achieve their professional goals, and 63% believe they now have a better chance of securing the job they desire.

The Green Generation MX program is a testament to the successful collaboration between the public and private sectors in addressing contemporary challenges. This program readies young individuals for well-paying and in-demand jobs in the clean energy and sustainability sector, making significant contributions to Mexico's energy transition.

Green Generation - Energy Efficiency program 2023 IYF

Program Focus

  • Climate Change & Economic Opportunity


  • Sep 2022 – Feb 2024




  • Chihuahua & Nuevo Leon

Targeted Youth

Professional Field

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Data Science

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Funding Partners

  • TK Foundation


Felix Ramirez , Program Director , [email protected]

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