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In Mexico City, a staggering 31% of the youth population, totaling 617,950 individuals, find themselves categorized as "opportunity youth" due to the absence of employment, education, and training opportunities. These young people face multiple challenges, including poverty, limited economic mobility, social exclusion, and violence. Despite these challenges, current public service providers lack effective strategies to address the unique needs of these marginalized opportunity youth.

Program Overview
JuventudES 2.0, supported though a grant from the Hilton Global Foundation from September 2023 to August 2024, provides additional support to 200 graduates of the JuventudES program in Mexico City by IYF. This initiative focuses on the hospitality and tourism sector, with the goal of enhancing job skills and facilitating job placement. Complementing the original JuventudES program, which tackles unemployment and despair among young adults aged 16-29 in low-income neighborhoods, JuventudES 2.0 strives to create a lasting positive social impact by promoting employment and transforming the security and income of young individuals.

Anticipated Outcomes 
The project's overarching goal is to impact 200 opportunity youth, providing them with training and support services. Specifically, the aim is for at least 45% of program completers (72 youth) to either secure new employment or experience improved employment within the hospitality or tourism sector.

Key Program Elements: 

  • Recruitment and Enrollment: Identifying and enrolling opportunity youth who align with the program’s objectives. 
  •  Life and Technical Training: Offering a two-week program covering life skills and technical training with a focus on the hospitality and tourism sector. 
  • Job Fairs and Placement Assistance: Facilitating access to job opportunities within the hospitality and tourism industry through job fairs and personalized placement assistance. 
  • Transition Grants: Providing financial assistance to ease the transition into employment.
  • Counseling and Ongoing Support: Providing ongoing counselling and support for up to four months to help participants secure employment in the hospitality and tourism sector. 

Program Focus

  • Job Placement




  • Mexico city

Targeted Youth

Professional Field

  • Hospitality & Tourism

Additional Resources

Funding Partners

  • Hilton Global Foundation


Oscar Órtiz , Program Director , [email protected]

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