Curricula Library for Skill Building

The Advancing Economic Mobility with Skills (AEMS) Project, with support from Microsoft Philanthropies in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, seeks to lower barriers for youth-serving organizations to launch engaging, impactful, inclusive and targeted online skills training programs world-wide. This resource provides an overview and assessment of 57 skill-building curricula that you can use in your Digitally-Facilitated Skills Trainings.

This AEMS brief is the last in a series of six resources developed. The other five can be found linked below.

Brief No. 1: Developing Engaging Digitally-Facilitated Skills Trainings
Brief No. 2: Making Your Digitally-Facilitated Skills Training More Accessible
Brief No. 3: Selecting the Right Learning Management System for Your Youth-serving Organization
Brief No. 4: Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in Your Digitally-Facilitated Skills Training
Resource 5: Overview of Leading Learning Management Systems