Latin America & the Caribbean


We’ve worked with more than 70 local organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean to help them harness their passion for sustainable youth development projects that measurably change the lives of underserved youth. The first member of IYF’s global partner network joined from Ecuador in 1991, just a year after our founding. Flagship initiatives New Employment Opportunities (NEO) and entra21 have connected more than 100,000 young people with employability training and jobs and created critical alliances among government ministries, businesses, and youth organizations. A great example of how IYF builds local capacity to meet global standards of excellence, our innovative new assessment tool for NEO is helping us evaluate more than 200 service providers, who receive tailored coaching and improvement plans from our regional experts. Together, we’re reshaping how young people in Latin America and the Caribbean envision and can access a brighter future.

Learn more about IYF's work in Latin America and the Caribbean by downloading the fact sheet, available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.